• Enrich your knowledge on mediation

    By building further on your current knowledge following one of our thoughtfully designed programs or master classes. Our programs are created with care to be the stepping stone in fulfilling your need of enhancing your knowledge within the field of mediation.

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    Like-minded people

    Our programs have been thoughtfully created for professionals who want to take their knowledge to the next level to stay ahead in their field. Not just for mediators, but for all like-minded people.

    Outstanding in their field

    Quality of education is important to us. To ensure this quality, we have assembled a strong faculty, who are among the most prominent professionals within the field of mediation.

    Permanent Education (PE) Points

    Our courses can be used for more than one cause. If you are a professional who needs to reach their Permanent Education Points follow one of our courses and fulfil your requirements.

    Our fundament

    Result Mediation has built its programs for professionals based on didactic and mediation principles with the help of experts. Our fundament comes from experience and knowledge gathered from real life experiences. We do this work with pride and care so that we can help professionals achieve their goals.


    years of presence in the field of mediation


    years, on average, of mediation experience from our professors


    cases in which we mediate per year


    professionals within different fields of work who did a mediation course before you

    Find your expertise

    Mediation can be used in many different fields. Therefore, we have designed different programs to fit the different needs of our professionals. The programs are divided into different levels – Ambition, Advanced, and Master – and categories.

    Take a look at the categories below and find the program that fits your needs and will help you fulfil your goal.


    Family mediation

    Business mediation

    Permanent Education



    Health care


    Educational institutions


    International organisations

    Confidential advisors

    Featured programs

    Looking for something tailored to the needs of your company?

    Result Mediation provides unique, customized programs for companies so that your team can follow the program together at the same level and speed.

    • Enable your team to become more familiar with the principles of mediation;
    • Enhance your team’s understanding on how to mediate a conflict within the organisation;
    • Enrich your team’s knowledge on mediation and what it could accomplish in your work field (HR professionals, company directors, lawyers).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, we do not only provide paid content. As soon as you register yourself you will be able to access all the free content our website provides.

    The PE points per program are stated on the enrolment page of the given program. Take a look at all the programs we provide and find the one that fits your goals and needs.

    Please contact one of our colleagues through the contact page . We can help you further by discussing the possible options and together we will find a suitable solution.

    Yes, Result ADR Academy provides customised programs for companies on request. If you are interested, please fill in the form on the contact page . We will get you into contact with the program director, so that together you can create a well-suited training for your company or organisation.

    At Result ADR Academy we offer programs that differ in the level of difficulty. These levels are: Ambition, Advanced, and Master.

    Our Ambition level is designed for young professionals who have just started exploring mediation.

    Our Advanced level is designed for professionals who already have more than five years of experience within the field of mediation

    Our Master level is designed for professionals who have been practicing mediation up to ten years or more, with a high level of experience with mediation cases.

    Get into contact with our program advisor, Pauline Schonewille, to find out together which program fits your needs and goals the best. Email: pauline.schonewille@resultadracademy.com or call: +31 20 205 02 39 or click button below.
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